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Pre-Reading Inventory of Phonological Awareness (pipa) Author: Barbara Dodd, Sharon Crosbie, Beth McIntosh, Tania Teitzel, Anne Ozanne Date Published: 2000 The Psychological Corporation - A Harcourt Assessment. View a

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Essay on my favourite musical instrument flute

essay on my favourite musical instrument flute

blend of conservatism with the ability to quickly essay movie mi familia seize on and use a new constructional technique, a new tool, or a new material. Open flue stops are the foundation of organ tone, but the instrument also has a number of free reed stops, so that the organ belongs equally to the first and second order of aerophones. The Egyptians used wind instruments not only with double reeds but also with single reeds and thus may be said to have anticipated the clarinet. Similar instruments were widely adopted in military and brass bands, but only the bass, under the name bass tuba, became a normal member of the orchestra.

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essay on my favourite musical instrument flute

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In addition to it there are 6 to 8 holes arranged in a straight line. Equal beauty is found on many of the anonymously constructed instruments of Oceania. Of all instruments, the organ showed the most remarkable development from the early Middle Ages to the 17th century. By the beginning of the 17th century the German musical writer and composer Michael Praetorius, in his Syntagma musicum (Musical Treatise was able to give a detailed account of families of instruments of all kindsrecorders, flutes, shawms, trombones, viols, and violins. Once a manageable grapes of wrath analysis essay keyboard had been produced, it could be applied to the portable organ, carried by the player, which was already in use by the 12th century. Metals, which are widely used for strings, bells, cymbals, gongs, trumpets, and horns, must be manufactured and castoften originally by secret processes. A flute matches with many instruments such as violin and piano, and is often part of an ensemble. Bavarian flute maker named Boehm reformed flutes largely to enlarge the volume and improve the way of using the chromatic scale. One result was that the violin family was favoured at the expense of the quieter viols. They are named after Pan, who played this instrument in Greek myth. Flute players hold it horizontal ly and make a sound by blowing their breath over the edge of the hole of flute's head. The flute has been described as "a musical weed which springs up everywhere".

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