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There would be no way to avoid them because everyone would know the school Words: 589 - Pages: 3 The Atomic Bomb Essay The Atomic Bomb "Then a tremendous

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Also see homepages: Keyna O'Reilly Sensing, characterisation and manipulation at the nanoscale using optical microcavities Prof Jason Smith and Dr Aurelien Trichet Optical sensing and spectroscopy are powerful

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19 The Blue Peace approach developed by Strategic Foresight Group facilitates cooperation between countries over shared water resources, thus reducing the risk of war and enabling sustainable development. Most

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Educating rita hsc essay

educating rita hsc essay

who believe that she should settle down and start having a family. From the opening scene, Russell establishes the differences between Rita and frank, in terms of the language they use and the way they talk and act. In the novel Educating Rita we understand that the main character Rita wants to move out of her old uneducated world, as she sees it as a negative and shallow world. Dawe uses a variety of techniques in his poem, and most of these are employed to highlight the theme of taking care as we move into wider worlds. The use of first person throughout the poem makes it more personal and highlights Dawes concern for his boy, and the consistent use of personal pronouns helps to make the poem sound more conversational. These consequences are seen in the Novel 'Educating Rita' by Willy Russel. In different ways, all of these text show people mature and develop as a result of going into the world. Rita learns to speak more confidently and more intelligently towards everyone.

Essay- Educating Rita- Going Home "Venturing on a different path requires negotiation between sacrifice and opportunity.". Rita's energetic, unconventional banter with her teacher Frank reinforces her decision to change. The speaker in this poem, presumably Bruce Dawe, is a father who is concerned about his son losing his wonderment in the world and in language as he grows older and learns correct English I have to be careful with my boy.

Rita fails to understand that upper class people also have rules and limitations. Ritas desire to move into the world is seen in other ways. Rita hopes that the Open University will allow her to forge a better life for herself, as she aims to discover meself. Frank dislikes his job and his students, and confesses that he is an appalling teacher. The speech question (do the pathways into new worlds offer problems or possibilities? The catalyst for a move into the new world can be facilitated if the individual has a vision or goal of what they can achieve or be in the new world. Rita questions everything in the fashion of a curious kid writing on her in case she should lose her fresh perspectives The speakers word act as a self- imposed warning, a remainder of the dangers of correct English forever. But she then can't go out with her own people because all they do is go downtown and into the pub. Eventually, when Denny makes Rita decide between education and him, she chooses education and makes another significant step into the world. Rita believes that an education will offer her freedom and success, assuming that educated classes have total freedom. This is witnessed when Rita says "there's vandalism and violence and houses burnt out and wreaked by the people they were built for" Rita feels that there is something wrong with this old world.